SC Nissan Serena

After 1 year of being an ABSOLUTELY RELIABLE home and traveling buddy, it's time for me to bow down and sell my Hikuri ?Negotiable Pric e? Available in Christchurch (flexible on location). Perfect for a single traveler or couple. I traveled with my boyfriend for 6 months and we fit perfectly, even with rock climbing gear! This is a 1993 Nissan Serena (SC) Manual (great for NZ steep roads ;) ) He has 272.000km on the meter 50L petrol tank (600km) WOF valid until 10/03/2020 (passed with no problems) Self Contained valid until 09/01/2023 REGO valid until 11/03/2020 Department of maintenance (invoice in support): ▪️Got a full service and motor check up on 07/01/2020. Everything is in perfect conditions! ▪️Oil drainer not before 10000km or next year (made the 07/01/2020) ▪️BRAND NEW TIRES rare right and left (bought on 09/01/2020) ▪ Good condition for the other 2 (+ spare wheel, jack, key) ▪️Wheel alignment done the 09/01/2020 Development radius: ▪️Single bed (sofa) convertible into double bed (120x180 see more while lowering the seats) ▪ A duvet + 2 pillows (+ duvet cover and new pillow head) ▪️A folding chair ▪️A sleeping bag ▪ Kitchen cabinet with rather good storage (enough for 2 people for 2 weeks) ▪️Cooking utensils (stove, saucepan, lid, strainer, grater, bowls, cutting board) ▪️Covers (fork, knives, spoons, can opener, savers (potato peelers for intimate ones) ▪️Brush, sponges and dishwashing soap ▪️Squeegee (for windows) ▪️6 baskets for storage ▪️Rubbish bin ▪ Cup holder / can, external battery, telephone ▪ Autoradio with jack (music is priceless in roadtrip) ▪️Double USB cigarette lighter socket Bricolo ray: ▪️Hammer ▪️Pliers ▪️Cutting knife ▪️Saw ▪️Cutter ▪️Scissors ▪️Safety glasses The little extras of the house ▪️Sunroof in front is functional ▪ Sunroof in a back is unfortunately HS (But it's cool for the stars) ▪️Has a folding table you can use for cooking inside in cold days. Ps: The Etendard door can accommodate the flag you want if you wish ????


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